Yan Mak - Graphic Designer
Habitot Children's Museum
2013 Annual Report
Tri letter fold brochures design

Habitot’s 2013 Annual Report is for highlight Habitot’s mission and impact, thank volunteers and supporters, and make a case for donating to the organization for the past year. Annual Report is very important for Habitot every year. The whole design is focus on readable level for the audiences with a light kids/ fun color theme.

Adobe Illustrator/Indesign

2015 Summer Camp
Tow side flyer w/ half fold mailing design

Habitot’s summer camps are designed around themes and curriculum and art activities for kids. This summer flyer mail to parents and hang out around the museum began on April/ May. The flyer have highlight on the date of each themes and details, also there are a sign-up form at the bottom of the back.

Adobe Illustrator

Habitot 2014 Preschool Teachers Make A Difference postcard design
2014 Preschool Teachers Make A Difference
Postcard design

Each year, Habitot invites parents, teachers and advocates for early childhood education to join Habitot in recognizing the enormous contributions of preschool teachers in the Bay Area. This postcard are mail to parents, teachers and advocates for early childhood education to let them know the nomination, winners notified and the recognize award winners dates.

Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

Visiting Habitot
Half fold brochures design

Visiting Habitot Children's Museum! This is a guide on what visitors will expect when visiting the museum along with some tips/ information.

Adobe Illustrator

Monthly Event Calendar
One page print design

Every month there will be a event calendar printed and put on the front desk of the museum for visitors. This calendar is an overview of the month about what and when there will be a event on the museum or outside location.

Adobe Illustrator/Acrobat