Yan Mak - Graphic Designer
Postcard/ Advisement
Leslie Open House
Postcard design

Open House postcard design for Leslie Ceramic & Crafts Supply. Customers were given these "Post Card" to notice about the open house event which featured the highlights of the days and along with a coupon to use.

Adobe Illustrator/Acrobat

The Wisdom of Tao: Oracle Cards Table Sign
The Wisdom of Tao: Oracle Cards
Table sign design

The Wisdom of Tao: Oracle Cards is a complete set of detailed oracles card. This is a New Year promotion paper table stand to put in front of the product with matching font type and color of the product.

Adobe Illustrator/Indesign

SJV CYO Basketball Fundraiser print design
SJV CYO Basketball Fundraiser
Event ticket design

Fund-raising registration ticket design for SJV CYO Basketball. Participants will hold on to the information part of the ticket which featured food, drinks and prizes highlights of the event.

Adobe Illustrator/Acrobat

Total Works
Postcard design

Advisement design for Total Works: General Contractors. General flyer designs which matching the company theme color and website.

Adobe Illustrator/Acrobat

Niroga Yoga advisement Design
Niroga Yoga Studio
Magazine advisement design

Advisement design for Niroga Yoga Studio on Edible East Bay Magazine. This design is to convey that Niroga Yoga Studio are an authentic, local, sustainable and community minded yoga studio following to show contact information, website and location.

Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Acrobat